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I can't watch you completely lose it anymore, Clint. I can't just sit here as you throw your life away because you need someone to yell at you as it happens. You made a decision to make this place your home. To make these people your family. You can't just bail when it gets hard.

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the vibes of this playlist is incredible and i actually lost my shit when Misguided Ghosts started to play. It's one of my favourite songs and i can't believe I didn't even consider it for Hawkeye. It's a great playlist

@wnnabe This comment brought me so much joy, like I started making this playlist like years ago during my physics class in the margins of my notes, I never thought I'd finally finish it (I love Hawkeye and I am a perfectionist so it stayed in limbo for a while) and I'm just so happy that like someone else liked it! Anyways it just means a lot sorry for gushing, thanks so much for your comment!