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Sais, Spray Paint, and Split Lips


Honestly this ship started out as a joke. So imagine my great surprise when I looked up one day and realized I was sincerely invested in these two losers.

Raph and Casey are the strangest pair I've ever shipped but you can't deny their chemistry is off the charts. Romantic or not, they're the ultimate BroTP. Especially in the 2012 series, where Casey is a scrappy over confident maniac recklessly throwing himself into danger and Raph is the best friend who smirks, rolls his eyes, and jumps right into the fray. Cause hey, someone has to make sure the goob doesn't kill himself.

They're assholes and hot tempered messes, but they get each other and that's more than enough. And hey, nothing says romance like brawling some Purple Dragon scum and dishing out some vigilante justice!

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