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Sunlight through a Sewer Grate


A playlist for the other half of our glorious B-team ("B" for Best), Michelangelo! The writers of TMNT2012 might not always know how to handle this character, but when he does get to shine it's pretty awesome. He may be a little shit sometimes but he's the heart of the team. This goober brings that bit of needed, goofy sunshine into his family's lives.

Eternally underestimated and underutilized, Mikey is a character that deserves a little more attention and a lot more love. (Note: some of these songs also work for 2003 and 07 Mikey too, since they were the Mikeys I grew up with ^^)

Oh and PS, if you dudes have any suggestions for songs that would fit Mikey better please feel free to leave a comment. Mikey's a hard turtle to pin down sometimes so input is always welcome!

33 tracks
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OH GOSH!!! Thank you so much!! Yeah I was super surprised when I saw that there wasn't a raph/casey playlist. I mean, they practically ship themselves XD. But yeah, thank you SO MUCH! Your comment just made my night!!

how am i only now finding your mixes??? this is beautiful, good lord. also, an actual rasey playlist?? you're like a superhero or something