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Songs Tijil Might Like!


This is my first playlist and I made it to share songs that I thought a friend of mine might like (as the title implies, haha). I had recently gotten into trance music and the songs on this playlist are a selection of my favorite songs in the genre. This playlist was a lot of fun to make! Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy. :)

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20 tracks
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Great mix of vocal and instrumental trance songs! I especially liked "The Incursion" by Kelly Andrew. I would love to hear a mix of your favorite female vocal trance songs. I have some good trance mixes that you might like & if you like mashups, then Jim-mc has a good trance mix also. Thanks for putting up such a great trance mix!

@kac2868 Thanks for listening to my playlist and sharing your thoughts! I really enjoyed "The Incursion" as well. Originally, I did not have it included in the playlist. However, I felt it was a great example of how moving non-vocal trance can be so I decided to add it. Also, all of the female trance songs I included in the playlist are my favorite haha. They are all so great! My top favorite from this playlist though would have to be "U" by Gareth Emery, the Bryan Kearney radio edit. The lyrics are so touching and it has a great beat. Thanks for suggesting other mixes to listen to, I will definitely check out yours and Jim-mc's! Thanks again for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed my mix!

@nikhilbung I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, as my friend who replied to your comment said, I just included songs I thought she would like. Honestly, I am not that good at thinking up creative names for playlists so I decided to just put it as that haha