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Songs for an international art thief who 'bides her time' with one man while dreaming of one who doesn't exist (at least, not in this reality).

14 tracks
2 comments on pining for you in my heart

Put into this context, dream a little dream of me almost made me start crying! So close fit in so well, too, it really hit me in the feelings. And then as long as you're mine started, and that hits on my other otp, so this was just emotion city for me over here.

@Jasmineiwm tbh everything about the Doyles sends me to emotion city, but that was definitely my intention with this specific playlist, so I'm glad that it's producing the desired effect :D

Also, here's the English translation of the lyrics for "Fondu Au Noir" for those non-French speakers who may be curious. It's a bit too literal for my liking, but I think you can gather the meaning well enough anyway. http://lyricstranslate.com/en/fondu-au-noir-melted-black.html