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songs for angry girls


songs to fuel your rage as you destroy the patriarchy and anyone else that tries to stand in your path

"if you're not angry, you're not paying attention"

Update: PLATINUM holy crap. I guess there are a lot of angry people out there! Channel that rage into rising above all who oppose you.

Part II: http://8tracks.com/katranga/still-angry-songs-for-angry-girls-part-ii

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yeah, thanks. i thought so :)

lily allen has been accused of using Black back up dancers as props in her 'hard out here' video (among other things, i think, but it's been a while since the video release and the following blow up so i don't remember). because of that, some people think it is not as much of a 'feminist anthem' as lily allen intended it to be. i think the video has also been accused of 'white feminism'- as in, feminism that excludes WOC/POC and the problems they specifically face.
don't quote me, but i'm pretty sure the back up dancers stuck up for her when all this was going down, so at least they themselves didn't feel taken advantage of-- unlike (probably) the dancers in the 'blurred lines' video that the 'hard out here' video parodies.

while the criticisms certainly have merit, i don't necessarily have to agree with everything an artist stands for to enjoy their music, and i really like the song and stand by my decision to include it in this mix.

at least, i assume that's the problem this person has with the song- many people don't like the song/lily allen because of that (and possibly other reasons, i don't know).

sorry to ramble. thanks for listening!