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Playlist for Peace


For Paris, for Syria, for Lebanon, for Iraq, for everyone affected by war, violence and terror, and with the hope that this world might one day be more peaceful. This is a collection of songs from across different countries and eras that have messages of peace.

13 tracks
2 comments on Playlist for Peace

Thank you for this playlist. I was in Paris on Friday, I felt the fear, I cried, I was shocked... But now I am at a bar, drinking wine, reading a Simone de Beauvoir's book while listenning to this playlist and enjoying my time because it's how french people live and how we will continue to live, free and without fear! My thoughts and love go to all the victims of the obscurantism and hater all around the world. We will keep smiling, loving and living for peace.

@hatetui I'm sorry you were in Paris when those dreadful attacks happened - and I'm glad this playlist is of some small help along with wine and Simone de Beacuvoir! Thank you so much for your comment of peace :-)