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ι'м α нαя∂ ℓυ¢к fяιєи∂


you're kind people. you're not good people. you know exactly what you have to do and where you fit into this fucked up world, and damn what everyone else has to say about it. you understand one another to the point that every flaw has a rationalization, regardless of whether you'll brush it off or call it what it is.

but you understand, and that's why you've never walked away.

maybe you've never touched one another in any way that would make the people around you blush and say "of course." maybe you two exist in a state of innuendos and dancing around the truth, because the truth is that this is more than flirtation, more than tangled sheets, more than spoken vows in front of crowds.

You two belong to each other and with each other. It's an intimacy of the soul.

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