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I run with the big girls now REMIX ♥


It's time to workout with the big girls of the billboards! Warm up with Taylor Swift 'n P!nk, DROP it with Ke$ha & Britney Spears, and cool down with Katy Perry 'n Lady Gaga.

*NOTE* Songs are truly in order of warm up (8min+), work out (30min+), and cool down (4min+)

Enjoy! And remember, you're running with the big girls now.

10 tracks
6 comments on I run with the big girls now REMIX ♥

Of course! I downloaded all of these remixes for free from soundcloud. But, just to make it simpler, I put all of them in a zip file available for download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ran33happdtfk58

Hey there ... I love the idea of a timed mix but the site mixes up all the songs every time you play the mix :) ... but great idea

Oh! I know it switches, but the first time you play it should be in order. I just wanted to let everyone know that :) Thanks for reminding me though!