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Sad Broadway Songs


1 Sarah tried to bury her baby alive
2 heartbroken, Éponine wanders Paris alone
3 Collins mourns Angel's death
4 Belle's held captive by the Beast
5 Elphaba and Glinda part forever
6 Olive imagines her parents' support
7 Sally hopes for love
8 Tony and Maria's unachievable wedding
9 Moritz's and Wendla's spirits help a suicidal Melchior
10 dead, Billy finally confesses his love
11 Shrek confesses his love for Fiona
12 Albin refuses to change for anyone
13 Elle is fired
14 Elphaba mourns who she is
15 dancers know one injury could stop them from dancing forever
16 Frankie's kid dies
17 Grizabella is shunned by other Cats
18 Fantine reflects on her broken dreams
19 Marius comforts Éponine as she dies
20 Valjean dies
21 the Phantom frees Christine because he loves her
22 Radames and Aida part

22 tracks