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I am Lapis Lazuli


From the heights of the galaxies to the depths of the ocean.

Wanted to capture that ethereal yet vulnerable quality of her character without undermining the raw power she wields.

Art by GraceKraft on Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1hHzl82

01. Lapis, as she was
02. Once I had Wings, and they were Strong
03. Cracked Gem
04. Mirror Gem
05. Tempest (Fighting the Crystal Gems)
06. I Just Want to go Home
07. Steven & Lapis
08. Flying Across Galaxies
09. Imprisoned Again
10. Malachite (You're MY Prisoner Now)
11. Searching for Lapis
12. Trapped Fathoms Below
13. Steven Dreams of Malachite
14. Lapis Emerges

DJ/N: edited track 2: too long!

14 tracks
4 comments on I am Lapis Lazuli

This makes me so annoyed that they shuffle the songs every time you listen. Your order is so perfect for her and amazing in general. Absolutely stellar job ✨ liked and followed

You did a really good job matching songs to fit Lapis's character! This is one of the best mixes I've found for her so far and I'm addicted to Winterspell, so thanks for this!