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What makes me chill to be honest

Just some Chinese Rap that took FOREVER to assemble. Enjoy.

Picture is of Jin Dachuan.

8 tracks
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Thank you so much for making these playlists! I'm learning Chinese at the moment and as much as I appreciate Chinese ballads, it's nice to have a change! One of my favourite ways to practice my reading is by reading lyrics :)

@superoreogirl.alb-238 Your welcome! As much as I enjoy ballads I like C-pop of other genres, that's why I'm making playlists with other genres. Thanks for listening to my mix!

Hey could you please explain to me what the title of this playlist would be in Englih and what it means? I know that the first character means 'speak' and that the second character means 'sing' so together do they make the Chinese word for 'rap'.

@superoreogirl.alb-238 It's what the Chinese would call rap, it literally translates to narrate. Sorry, not good at Chinese myself, I'm learning also and it's so hard.