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Baby Girl 寶貝甜心


Chinese R&B songs, some with rap.

3/10/15 - I have added more songs! and I will keep adding more when I feel like it...

Picture is of the lovely Jin Dachuan

11 tracks
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oh my god i love your mixes, there's so little english info on cpop so its really hard for me to find artists!

@dejacru Thank You! (^▽^) If you go on tumblr there is a community of C-pop bloggers like me and other users, it's not big but at least we're there! There is also a reddit forum and some K-pop and J-pop sites that include C-pop. It might be harder if your getting into other genres of C-pop though, little is known about hip-hop, r&b, indie, and rock and others, since China is new with those genres.

@Xiao_Xin thanks! i'd follow you on tumblr, but the link on your profile doesn't work? i do follow a cindie blog- i'm expanding my knowledge because i only know of the bigger names

@dejacru Link should work now! I'm learning Chinese so I soon want to be a translator for a bunch of C-pop stuff and bring that knowledge to the world. I know this website http://edge.neocha.com/ The site is just for Chinese people who are trying to make it out there. They have a certain spot for music and it has a bunch of indie bands so I hope that helps! They're also the ones who started the Shanghai restoration project.