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slowly approaching winter [mix]

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thanks, you two!
yeasayer is a really cool find.. i just started getting into them (Chris Keating, the singer, is doing the vocals on that simian track). They remind me of an easier to swallow animal collective.

I just heard that Dare remix the other week on the lest letter game on Q101, and it made me fall in love with it all over again. it almost sounds like if Damon invited the rest of Blur to perform the song with them.

and bulletproof - what can i say - haha
i'm a total sucker for when i hear a SOLID pop song. I know it's ultra gleamy sparkly pop - but it's pure hook. and a good hook should always be given some credit.

good work as always kyle. been listening to a lot of yeasayer lately as well. love the dare remix. used to be one of my favorite songs. i'm a bit surprised by bulletproof. guilty pleasure?