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Drum & Bass: The Year Was...1999


3rd in a series of drum & bass mixes by year featuring lots of anthems and my personal favorites. The series will progress until the mid-late 2000s.

1999 continues to explore the dark/techstep sound and features the likes of Usual Suspects, Ed Rush & Optical and Ram Trilogy.

28 tracks.

Art: Linked by Cristian Siqueira @ Depthcore

27 tracks
5 comments on Drum & Bass: The Year Was...1999

Haha glad you like it. Yeah this is super-long, not really accessible for a regular listen. I get tired of it around the 20 track mark, especially since it's so dark and techy. After this mix I think I started breaking them up into 2 parts to try to deal with that issue...

Yeah i love UFO!, Hive, Echo and those SF guys. Def making good music for a while now.

dude, this mix is killin! bringing out all my fave tracks from that era. must have heard each of these tracks a zillion times from dj mixes I had from back then. very nice flashback.

tho I gotta tell ya, 3 hrs is pretty long for a 8trax mix, doubt I'll make it all the way thru, but still, mad props for what I've heard so far.