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Drum & Bass: The Year Was...2000


4th in a series of drum & bass mixes by year featuring lots of anthems and my personal favorites. The series will progress until the mid-late 2000s.

2000 continues to explore the world of hard drum & bass, particularly some of the real cold and spacey stuff that had been coming out in the last year or so. Features lots of material from Calyx, Konflict and Teebee.

27 tracks.

Art: Artificial Evolution by Pete Harrison & Richard Base @ Depthcore

27 tracks
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@Chris Carlier Excellent! Can't imagine growing up in UK with the dnb scene there back then. Must have been incredible! Check out some of the other mixes - I've done hard dnb mixes for 97-08!

Thanks a lot. Yeah these will feature a lot of the harder sound of dnb for these years but just got tons of classics in here for ya so I think they are good primers although they are a bit long.