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Drum & Bass: The Year Was...2007, Volume I


After a long hiatus, here's the first of another 2 mixes in my ongoing series of drum & bass mixes. The mixes are essentially annual reviews featuring lots of anthems as well as my personal favorites.

2007 continues to explore the world of hard drum & bass. This mix features lots of material from the likes of Calyx & Teebee, Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch and Break.

19 tracks.

Art: Inazuma 2.0 by Kervin Brisseaux @ Depthcore

19 tracks
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Started out a little soft compared to the 2005 and 2006 mixes until it hit the Spor, Noisia/Mayhem, Teebe/Calyx stuff. Then it went off. Another nice mix.

Thanks! Yeah this one I kinda set up to be a little more techy/atmospheric/laidback at the beginning then increase in intensity until it's harder/darker/meatier in the 2nd half. Kinda like a skewed bell curve if that makes any sense. I really love Break and he killed it that year so I had to throw in a lot of his stuff which is less hard. Anyway, glad you liked it. Actually about to throw up 2007 Volume II which is pretty similar in style & structure to Volume I. You'll probably like 2008 which I'm in the middle of - it goes harder!