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About Emily


because the world needs more emily fanmixes, and paget needs to come back for season 12. these are basically songs that i think emily herself would relate to. more tracks to be added as they come to mind.

  • Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde
    bc emily is a like some warrior or something idk
  • Are you satisfied Demo 2 rare by Marina and the Diamonds
    all of emily's hard work got her into the bau, not her mother's connections.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Soft Shock by Nѳva
    idk i just thought this fit.
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
    emily's secret past, not telling anyone who she was or what she did, her being a spy, and her past life in Italy with the abortion and all.
  • Cool Kids by Echosmith
    when emily was younger, she wanted to fit in so badly that she got pregnant. and she was an outcast goth chick as well.
  • Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine
    again, emily trying to flee from her all her regrets and secrets and trying to remain strong
  • Paramore (Acoustic Cover) by Monster
    literally emily and her coworkers catch monsters and make the world a safer place, all while putting their problems and issues on the backburner so that they can "stop the whole world from turning into a monster".
  • Part 1 fear and loathing marina and the diamonds by Kale Fuller
    emily has literally lived a lot of different lives, ambassador's daughter, goth chick, her trying to fit in when she was in Italy, as an elite spy, and then a bau agent.
  • Hang On by Plumb
    heard this song on another prentiss playlist and was totally in love.
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