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"What's the most pieces you've ever cut someone into in a single swing? I'm up to three, but I have some Ideas." Fanmix dedicated to the Iron Bull, the badass qunari mercenary, companion of the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. Iron Bull spends his time drinking with his company, The Bull's Chargers, and enjoying the pleasures of life when they are not killing bad guys for money.

8 tracks
3 comments on Horns Up

I'm waiting for DA:I to install and I'm extremely pumped to play it I'm just hyper-actively wiggling in my seat, pretty much stalking the download meter thingy that's taking *forever why is it so slow I wanna go slay dragons with the cow husband hurry up game*

actually wait piss I forgot to gush over the mix the mix is amazing too the mix is also boosting that 'go slay dragons with bull' vibe