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Voices and Goosebumps.


Those beautiful voices just humming, lah-lah-ing or sometimes singing lyrics that you don't understand, but which give goosebumps.
Mixed with beautiful uplifting, powerful or calm instrumentals, they remain in your head even when you stop listening. :)
For studying or just star gazing. ;)

Anything you think might fit in this playlist, let me know! Would love to discover to new stuff. :)

16 tracks
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You can imagine my absolutely surreal moment when i heard baba yetu. Knowing the depth of those words and smiling and on the brink of tears. recommend this song to all my kenyan pals. Salut

Thank you. I really love this song too although I do not really understand it all. But even without complete understanding I can feel it and even got like a thrill the first time I heard it.
I would love to be able to get a least the main words of what the song talks about. Could you please? :)

I looked it up online and I think that it's the Lord's Prayer in swahili. It's awesome how these words in this beautiful language are so powerful.

Love your playlist!! I don't know know if you've heard of the song Baba Yetu but I think it would work beautifully with your already amazing songs.

Thank youu!:)
Baba Yetu, Yess. I do.:) By Christopher Tin.:D
I thought about it a bit after, and was telling myself I should have added it, but then forgot.
Thanks for reminding!!:)) Adding it right now!:)