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Paradise Lounge


Some songs when you hear them have the power to take you places.... Make you stop in mid-motion. Stop and ponder, listen, smile, move and groove... These are a collection of such, across many genres, that have stopped me in mid-stream when first heard or continue to do so today. They put me in paradise, hence the name. I hope they do the same for you. Please enjoy.

50 tracks
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@bdonnelly34 Thank you very much for your response, and I'm so glad you enjoy it. Eska is big in England and maybe in other parts of Europe. She's featured on a lot of projects and to my knowledge has yet to come out with her own. I hope I'm wrong! :) Rachelle... OMG... no words... youtube her. I'll tell you this: years ago, I took a flight to LA just to see her perform at the Wiltern Theater...what a show!