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A mix of quite a few hip-hop songs I like. I'll most likely end up splitting this up into different moods but for now it will remain a playlist of everything.

  • Dali, Van, Picasso by Beenzino
  • Mental Breaker by Block B
  • 짠해(Cheerz) by 쌈디 Simon D
  • Map the Soul(Tablo, MYK & Kero One) by Aya Francisco
  • From Erica With Love by The Custodians
  • 이별은 (Feat. DC) by Mad Clown
    I made a mistake while choosing files to upload from soundcloud so my apologies if a song cover plays next rather than the official audio. The title of the cover hadn't actually stated that it was a fancover and I had clicked it without thinking of listening to make sure it wasn't.
  • Sam [Zico on The Block 1.5] by Zico
  • EPIK HIGH by Epik High
  • Jerusalem (feat. Peter Breinholt) by Paul Cardall
  • 08 Dear TV 해열 by Kimberly Duong
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