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When i was 15, i was at a depressive state. When i was 15, i self harmed, i tried killing myself multiple times. When i was 15, i hid from the world, i felt hidden, i felt like a shadow, you could see my outlines but not me, the real me. When i was 15, i didnt know what happiness felt like. When i was 15, i got better. When i was 15 i realized how much i have to look forward to, and how many reasons i have to carry on. When i was 15, i realized i meant something, and that i was more than a shadow, i was the sun. It took 15 years, but i finally realized who i was, and what my purpose was. We're all here for a purpose, please stay for 15 more seconds, 15 more minutes, 15 more hours, 15 more days, months, years. Stay.

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