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Part 3 : The Experiment Failed 1996-2002


Fifteen tracks including music by Outkast, Beck and Radiohead.

Part 3 of the notable songs from the last 25 years.

After the melting of genres in the early nineties the innovators started to experiment and branch out more. Pop music had become increasingly bad and watered down. More people were willing to listen to and make new and exciting records. This time was the closest to the creativity of late 60s- early 70s rock music may ever be.

15 tracks
3 comments on Part 3 : The Experiment Failed 1996-2002

Haha i know when i started I had like talking heads and stuff on there then i realized im almost 25. so I had to cut it back to 1984. Funny how time just keeps on keeping on.

Jesus its weird u referring to the last 25 years and it only being late 80's, sometimes i forget im fukin 21 like this mix and number 4