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science girlfriends

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Three tracks including music by Andrew's Science Project, Plastiscines, and Tegan and Sara.

  • The Attic by Yutaka Minobe
  • Lily Sevin by lily sevin
  • Kate Nash 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You' by Saratbh
  • Kiss Me (Cover by Ariel) by Ed Sheeran
  • The Girl (City and Colour) by Klara Mulder
  • Your Song Ellie Goulding by Holyshitniallhoran
  • Wicked Game by Gemma Hayes
  • Within You by David Bowie
8 tracks
1 comment on science girlfriends

This mix is precious oh my gosh. It came up as a next in line mix so I'm not sure who this pairing is but sceince girlfriends are /always/ wonderful. :D