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Fiddles, banjos, mandolins and twang, Part 2. See Part 1 at (Image: Don Wayne Reno playing a banjo with fingerpicks on his thumb, index and middle fingers. Photographed at Brent Pelham Mayfest in May 2006 by Chris McKenna.)

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I'd like to list you on the special thanks page. How would you like your name to appear? (If you don't want to post it here, you can send a private message through the "contact" page on my website, which is linked on my profile.) I've been listening to this mix repeatedly ever since I found it.

I would be honored! Kezzie Baker is my preference for how my name should be listed. That is the name I use to write CD reviews on the blog and my 8Tracks nickname is a shortened version of that. Your comments piqued my curiosity as to your writings (which are completely new to me) but after a little research I would guess that this is related to another of your Tufa novels. Sounds fascinating. I plan to read them. I have a few other comments I'd like to share with you, but probably too much for a reply here so as soon as I get a chance, I will send a private message on your website. Many thanks.

Thanks for the nice comment. Glad you like the mixes. You might also find something you like on the original bluegrass mix at, if you haven't heard it yet. (By the way, your mixes look very interesting - I will give them a listen!)