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An exceptional sampling of baroque solo and duet arias with an instrumental Vivaldi concerto thrown in for good measure. Includes both well known composers and some more obscure.

11 tracks
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@apsara8311 Thanks for your comments. Actually I have been making another playlist along these lines, going through my CDs and mp3's, but so far I haven't been satisfied with it so I'm still tweaking it. I put all the songs in this playlist on my IPod and listen to the mix almost every day, too! (Listened to it again on the way to work just this morning, as a matter of fact.) There is something about baroque music that takes me to places that no other kind of music can do. Considering how much I love these beautiful baroque arias, it is hard for me to remember that there was a time when I thought I hated baroque vocal! Thanks so much for listening.

@kez Ya, until I listened to this mix I wasn't really that into baroque vocals either. I've always been very fond of Mozart's requiem but never really strayed to far off from it in the classical world. I'm happy you blazed a new musical trail for me to explore!