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Baroque arias (an overlooked playlist)


OK - this playlist exists on borrowed time, averaging less than 1 listener per month as of November '15 since it was first published. It is a collection of nine of my favorite arias from operas, oratorios and serenatas. Also includes an instrumental break in the middle from one of Handel's most rousing concertos.
If you love baroque solo and duet arias, I hope you will give it a listen before I am obliged to ax it with the 'delete' button. Even if baroque singing isn't your thing, you might still give it a try - you could get surprised. As a former die-hard opera hater, I never in a million years thought I would ever be able to tolerate that stuff. Until one day...everything changed.

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Don't axe it! The Baroque audience is small, which is why we need all the playlists we can get! I appreciate your playlist :)

@Waverhouse thanks so much for your comment. I will keep the playlist. You are right, the baroque audience is quite small compared to other genres. I keep hoping more will discover how great baroque music really is. I used to dislike baroque, and continue to be amazed at how much I used to dislike it, while today I find it so satisfying and wonderful to listen to. At certain times baroque music can actually give me goose bumps or bring me close to tears just listening to the beauty of it all. Thanks again for listening!