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Classical Celts


A mix of 13 tracks from 18th and 19th century composers whose works were inspired by traditional Scots and Irish folk melodies including 3 tracks of Acadian music. Although of French descent, the Acadians' traditional music blends well with the music of the Celts. Includes Chatham Baroque, Jordi Savall, Les Charbonniers de la Enfer and more. Mostly instrumental with 2 vocal pieces. (Photo: 'Scottish Bride' by Viona Ielegems

13 tracks
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This is a wonderful collection, thank you for sharing it. I just discovered 8tracks and this is the first playlist I've listened to. I'm delighted!

@h-i-117556 So glad you enjoyed it - and thank you for listening! Yes, 8 tracks is really great, isn't it? I have discovered so many new artists thanks to 8 tracks.