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Folkin' With The Celts

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is there a youtube or soundcloud link to THIS version of As I Roved? if you look it up on youtube, they are all played/performed at a significantly slower tempo.

Hmmm, well that's interesting. There's two versions of "As I Roved Out" on the Well Below the Valley album and for some reason it seems all the Youtube uploaders have chosen to use the slower version. I searched for videos of it that showed the song length as 3:52 since that's the length of the shorter verion. I couldn't find it on either Youtube or Soundcloud. The closest thing to it I found was this Youtube live recording from 1980, which is also quite good:
I'm glad you asked about this because as I was searching I came across a really nice version of the song by The Shenanigans that I really like. It is performed at a similar tempo that Planxty uses. I ll have to check them out! The link to that one on Youtube is here:
Thanks for your comment!

Thank you so much! so youre saying that if i get the album, this version will be on it right?
i looked it up and apparently the 2 versions are sung by to different guys. This version was sung by a Christy Moore, and if you search that you get better results like this: Although there are only about 3 actual hits, the rest are the slower version. one of the comments said that when Planxty play both live, they change the name of the faster version to "As Christy roved out".

Once again, thank you for your help!

Yes, the version of "As I Roved Out" that I included on this mix is track 10 from Planxty's album 'The Well Beneath the Valley.' There are two versions of the song on the album - track 4 is the slower one by Andy Irvine, and track 10 (the one I used for this mix) is by Christy Moore. So if you purchase the album, you will have the version that is on this mix. (I didn't know about the faster version being called "As Christy Roved Out" when they play both live. That's an interesting bit of trivia.
Thanks for listening!