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Scottish Pride


Ten tracks to get the blood pumping for anyone with a drop of Scottish blood in them (or for anyone who just loves Scottish music!).

10 tracks
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I think the intro to "Introduction" is actually a Canadian bagpipe song called "The Maple Leaf Forever". Could be wrong, it's one of the few bagpipe songs I have on my ipod, for sure (could be Last of the Mohicans)

Thank you so much for your nice comment. And you are so right about Runrig! My Celtic Kick mix includes the live version of Loch Lommond as the closong song cause i couldnt think of a better way to end that mix. I love that song, and, yes, it does blow your mind, doesn't it?

Me, too! I'm not from Scotland, either, but there is something about Scottish music that totally gets under my skin. This mix has a couple of songs by Steve McDonald. If you haven't heard his albums, you might like to check out a trilogy of CDs he recorded about Scotland: 1) Sons of Somerled, 2) Stone of Destiny, and 3) Highland Farewell. They are all equally excellent and have superb liner notes that give all kinds of interesting details about the songs and Scotland's history. Thanks for listening!