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Selections from some of the best albums of 2014


One track each from the 20 newly released albums that I enjoyed the most during 2014. For brief comments about each album, see 'Top 20 of 2014: Kezzie Baker' at

(Disclaimer: This list doesn't pretend to represent the ultimate 'best-of-year.' It is simply the ones I discovered in 2014 that I greatly enjoyed. There are many more I'm still finding - but these kept me happy enough in 2014.)

20 tracks
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@wayfarer, found that blog. Great find! Thanks so much. I'm streaming that Leaf Rapids album as I write and loving it. I've been watching for it to come out but hadn't realized it had been released yet. I have loved keri latimer ever since discovering her in the band, Nathan. When i included her first solo album in my best of 2012 blog piece, i had occasion to have some correspondence with her via email and she is so nice! Very friendly and way too humble for her talent. I admire her very much. Was thrilled to discover she was working on new material with her husband (also a Nathan member). Thanks a million for the heads up on hearth music. I am going to have fun exploring that goldmine..

@kez I dip in and out and keep discovering new stuff. Apart from the blog, she runs an online magazine called Kithfolk (Most of the pieces are written by her - Devon Leger her name is - I'd forgotten it earlier) and a PR Agency.

Hi Kez, I've tried to post a link to a really fantastic music blog, which I may have mentioned before, but 8tracks won't let me!!! It's Hearth Music dot com slash blog. The woman who writes it is great at unearthing real treasures - like you, in fact!

@wayfarer I tried to comment by hitting the 'reply' button on my ipad, but it wouldn't work, so I just entered a new comment in reply to yours, so see above from me. I'm replying here from my desktop under 'reply' just to make sure you see it, since I wasn't sure if just posting a new comment would alert you I had replied. Thanks again!

Great stuff! I've got October Project's Falling Farhter in - Mary Fahl has a wonderful distinctive voice. I agree with your comment about Robert Plant - he's sounding good. I also prefer Emily Barker in her Vena Portae guise. Lots of other good stuff too.!

@wayfarer Thanks for your comments, which I really enjoyed reading. I'm glad you liked the mix. I only wish I would have known about some albums I discovered later after making the mix and writing the 'best-of' piece. I was finding so many more (and still am) that I started making a list of the missed ones. At the top of the list would be Martha Tilston's, "The Sea," which is truly gorgeous. For what it's worth, others on my 'missed' list so far are: Kirsti Law - Shift (wow!); Jeni and Billy’s Big Picnic Band - Picnic in the Sky; Leyla McCalla – Vari-Colored Songs; Kyle Carey – North Star; 9Bach – Tincian; Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar – The Call; Luluc - Passerby; Raina Rose – Caldera; Kerri Powers – self-titled; Suzie LeBlanc - La Veillée de Noël. (The last album is of lesser known Christmas carols from the 1800s. Suzie LeBlanc is a Canadian soprano from New Brunswick, which falls right in line with the Atlantic Canada mix you just published - just beginning to listen to it - already loving it!).

@kez Where do you get the time?! I can't keep up with what I've bought! I love Martha Tilston's album - I got it for Christmas. I need to listen properly to Kyle Carey - I saw her with Josienne Clarke and she was great but I haven't listened to to her album properly (Both of them will be touring close by next month, but I'll be elsewhere, unfortunately). There's a few other on your list that I intend to check out and Suzie LeBlanc sounds interesting.