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The Bohemian Bach


The lesser known Czech composer, Jan Dismas Zelenka, was a contemporary of Bach. Highly regarded in his day, Zelenka's works fell into obscurity until rediscovered in 1863. His compositions come close, if not equal to, the genius of Bach, and for this reason he is often referred to as "the Bohemian Bach." His works are described as "perfection of the art of counterpoint with sudden turns of harmony" (per Wikipedia). Includes 11 examples of Zelenka's masterpieces.

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Nice, I hadn't heard of him. Do you know Biber's music? Also pretty interesting-- I keep meaning to post some of his Mystery Sonatas.

Yes, Biber is another Bohemian composer that is quite amazing. Years back when I first started getting into baroque music, I bought a CD of Biber's Violin Sonatas by Romanesca and was blown away by how modern it sounded even though this was music from the 1600's!
Thanks for listening. (Looks like you have a lot of mixes I need to check out.)

Thanks so much for your nice comment. Zelenka should be better known. There is a wonderful writeup online that lists every single CD available of Zelenka's works with descriptions. It is continually updated. The link is A real treasure for any baroque music lover.