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A Little Writing Power


27 tracks that will put a little 'oomph' into your typing and studying. Slow enough to not be distracting, but not so slow that you will fall asleep.
Lana del Rey, Dan Mangan, Regina Spektor and much more.
Good Luck and Happy Studying!

22 tracks
7 comments on A Little Writing Power

this is an amazing mix, i wrote my whole paper while listening to this playlist. it kept me going through the whole thing, thank you so much. i love every song in it, slow enough to keep me writing, and fast enough to keep me writing quickly. i love it!!!!

i saw on your profile that you live in nova scotia, what school do you go to i applied there this year?

Hey, I am glad that you liked it! I had fun making it!

I go to Dalhousie Law, and I love it. it's a great, supportive school. Have you heard back from admissions yet?

I applied to Dalhousie, but i haven't heard anything back yet, i most likely wont hear about it until may!! im so nervous.