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Instrumental Music to Make Your Brain Work Part 11


It's been a while. Here is my first instrumental mix of this (and my last) school year.

About an hour and a half of instrumental music to get you working on what you need to work on. Enjoy.

28 tracks
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It's possible, but probably much less frequent. I won't be on the lookout as much for new instrumental music if I am not always studying. Keep your eye out for me and thanks for listening!

You're playlists are great, but I was just wondering, do you get any work done with the time it must take to put these together!!? Particularly the Megamix!!?

haha, this is a great question! I actually compile them while I work. I put my iTunes on shuffle and then just add songs that strike me at the time as they come on.

Glad you enjoy them!

Aha! I thought that must be the case.. well you must be very good at splitting your mind to work and music matches.. I would spend hours getting them all in the right order as yours flow so perfectly.. Its amazing what a range of music you own! Thank you for sharing it :) xx