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Some random tracks in letter "A" of the folder: "The Progressive-Kraut-Psych-Avant garde Rock Collection"
من كل بستان زهرة

21 tracks
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Magnificent playlist! You're a true listener and a talented playlist maker; thanks for letting me know about Agora, Aquelarre, and Alcatraz's Trockeneis zum Frühstück! I have some humble suggestions from my prog collection, that you perhaps didn't discover yet or maybe you want to add to some of your next playlists: A.R. & Machines, Ache, Agitation Free, Albatross, Alpha Ralpha, Alusa Fallax, Amos Key, Analogy, Andromeda, Animated Egg, Annexus Quam, Anvil, Aorta, Arc, Argent, Arkham, Ars Nova, Art Bears, Artcane, Ash Ra Tempel, Ashra, Asoka, Axe... (I'll carefully listen to your other Alphabet playlists and probably I'll make some other suggestions!). Many thanks again for one of the best musical experiences on 8tracks so far!

@DJ_SERIC Thanks a lot for your comment, i will search for those groups. i know some of them but i will search for the others, thanks again :)