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Diverse Musical Tastes, Vol. 4


A carefully chosen collection of songs from all over my music library, arranged with tempo, genre, and flow between songs in mind. Artists include Battles, Cake, and Queen.

17 tracks
3 comments on Diverse Musical Tastes, Vol. 4

this was really cool, i've just been cleaning my room and stuff and this has made it all a much lighter process. i'll have to check out the other volumes

dang man, that made my day. thanks for the kind words. as you can tell i take my mix making seriously haha. when are you gonna make a mix of your own for me to listen to?

ohhhhhh I am satisfied, I thought I probably had he most diverse collection but you, oh you, and thanks for introducing me to electric six, pretty damn grateful for that. Your four mixes are the greatest compilation known to mankind and you are my new best friend, thanks again:)