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stewed in my feelings abt

1 "take me w/ you"
2 "how do you protect someone with every ounce of your heart and hold them at arms length at the same time"
3 "everyone should be able to choose how they live and by extension die"
4 immortals who love love love mortals who love love love them each of whose 'how to live/die' is so much more precious because of the other

for a while and spat this out
for bex as always

12 tracks
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NO REST omg yes bless you i almost put it on my mix but didn't for some reason i can't remember now BUT YES GOOD I LOVE THIS I LOVE YOU

dsjfh and you!!! omg no rest sad sigh thank you so much (actually cackles i didnt realize kolnidur was on one of both of our mixes until i went back oops) i'm so glad you like it ahH ;;