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- ̗̀POW! ̖́-


a shitload of memories re-lived through songs and a bunch of sick tunes for my best pal oli who's moving away :') life became vivid and loud and Really gay since meeting you and when you leave it'll be quiet again. so this playlist is filled with mostly upbeat FUNKS to remind us both how exciting and full of shit memes our friendship is! go kick some ass in the big city! I'm rooting for you!!

67 tracks
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Is the 2nd track labeled incorrectly? Song is some kind of "Dancing in September" mashup, but it's labeled as something different. What's the actual title/artist of that track?!

why does this have so many likes im going to fight everyone who liked it this is mine its literally all abt im the cat

Haven't gotten through the whole list yet but love it! Put it on as background music for cleaning the apt and my fantasy football draft.