Kid Kombat, a.k.a Dan Lowe, is a U.K based producer and artist with a diverse musical background. Hailing from Derby, he developed a keen interest in music at an early age, which led him to pick up the guitar and bass at sixteen and forming a band almost immediately. The following years were spent playing guitar and bass in countless metal, punk, rock and indie bands, performing nationwide, both amateur and professionally, but all the while developing a keen and growing interest in electronic music. In late 2007, he committed to writing a hard electro industrial album that was layered with cut up style samples and heavy guitars that burst with big beats and attitude, all performed by himself and self released as a ten-track album.

In and around August 2009, his attention turned towards the energy and sounds of Techno & Electro House. Several original and remix tracks developed quickly as his productions matured, becoming infused with a more sophisticated and thoughtful sound, delving deeper into the realms of Tech House, with some Minimal and Trance influences creeping into his productions too.

Kid Kombat is a ‘cross genre’ artist and producer, by approaching the production of every new track or remix with an open mind and thus mixing the diversities of Tech-House, Techno, Minimal, Electronica, Trance, Electro and everything in-between. Each track has its own sound, character and flavour. The onus is not to be stuck in one genre.

In his own words, “I don’t want to ‘pigeonhole’ myself with one dimensional productions, or to be a producer known for just one particular genre of electronic music. That is a risky proposition to me. Dance music, like any music, is there to be explored and experimented with. So by following this ethos, I will not be restricting my musical output or creativity”.

This open-minded approach is reflected in his choice of producers whom he loosely draws inspiration from. Quoting artists and producers such as Claude VonStroke, Stimming, Huoratron, Rob Babicz, Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Chris Lake, Stephan Bodzin, Richie Hawtin, Voodeux, Ame, Justice, Teenage Bad Girl, Audion and Meat Katie as some of his influences.

The Kid Kombat ‘sound’ has been described as a blend of intelligent melody, innovative sound design, strong rhythmic grooves and thoughtful vibes to keep the energy and movement on the dance floor alive. In the short space of a year, Kid Kombat has already produced a vast quantity of his own original tracks, along with several diverse remixes of tracks by many artists such as, Tom Middleton, Claude VonStroke, Guy Gerber, Sander Van Doorn, Deadmau5, Nicole Moudaber, Digital Victims, Alex Blanco, Thomas Sonora and Dapayk.

Kid Kombat is currently hard at work in the studio producing new tracks that are infused with a musical diversity that will push him and his music to the next level artistically. Also, as he is no stranger to performing, plans are in place to perform live in 2011. This will be a combination of using computers, Abelton Live, midi controllers and various effect processors to give more creative freedom to perform and experiment in a live context.