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Take It Easy


This is a mix for those car rides when you stick your arms out the window to feel the wind pushing against your sunkissed skin--the car rides that allow you to keep your feet up on the dashboard, sunglasses hiding your wide eyes, and lets your hair challenge the wind--the car rides set out on open highways with no particular destination other than finding yourself.

14 tracks
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walkabout - atlas sound
big dipper - delorean
flourescent adolescent - arctic monkeys
summer boy - lady gaga
describing the sky - big d and the kids table
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh - say hi
take it easy - surfer blood
bratty b - best coast
post acid - wavves
raw revolution - big d and the kids table
french navy - camera obscura
lust for life - girls
a community service announcement - jonathan boulet
warmer places - delorean
floating vibes - surfer blood
happy - best coast
make out point - the young friends
new theory - washed out
things will never be the same - jj
chicago - sufjan stevens