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a quick, bittersweet (90% bitter) mix focusing on the relationship between dumbledore and grindelwald and how it ruined them both beautifully.

8 tracks
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So. I listened to this mix before and loved it, because I felt it fit the pairing really well (20 Years, in particular, was a stroke of genius - I'd never associated the song to this pairing before and now I can't not associate it). However. Recently, I've had an exchange of messages where I essentially poured my heart out to the first, and really only, person I've been in love with, who I hadn't heard from in a long time. She replied, and I was reminded of many feelings I'd almost forgotten. When I decided to play this while studying, I was completely unprepared for how emotional it made me. By the time I got to "Between the Bars", I was nearly in tears. The first verse of that song evokes so much nostalgia and feelings of lost potential ("the things you could do/you won't, but you might/the potential you'll be, that you'll never see/the promises you'll only make"), as well as an unwillingness to let go and the sweetness and specialness of those memories ("Keep you apart, deep in my heart/Separate from the rest, where I like you the best"). Sorry for the overshare, but I guess what I'm saying is: your playlist for two fictional characters has made me feel very real things about my own life, so... well done.