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For Emmeline


As I promised.

I love you! Thank you for being my best friend since birth (quite literally I might add) and thank you for supporting me! I love our kdrama marathons and fangirling over our kpop bands! I love you and thank you for being there for me. <3

  • Onew & Taemin - Rainy Blue by Onew and Taemin
  • Missing(쉽지않아 ) by TEEN TOP
  • If (Hong Gil Dong OST) by SNSD (TaeYeon)
  • Lion Heart by SNSD
  • 끼부리지마 (Don't Flirt) by WINNER 위너
  • EXO Chen by EXO CHEN
  • Taeyang Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang
  • T.A.O by yixinqins
  • Teen Top by Miss Right
  • 멀어지지마 by 임재호
  • Look At Me by 걸스데이 (Girl's Day)
11 tracks