Kill la Kill
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Riddle story of devil

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I love when animes are about killing ee, i love gorey things!!!

  • Soushou Innocence (Akuma No Riddle Opening) by Maaya Uchida
  • QUEEN [Akuma no Riddle] by Cover
  • Akuma No Riddle Ending 3 by "Concentration" by Manami Numakura [ 沼倉 愛美 ]
  • Soft and Calm - Sweet Music for Restful Sleep. Newborns Sleep Aid with Gurgling Stream and Gentle Natural Sounds to Soothe and Heal. Real Sound of Nature for Relaxation by Sleep Music System
  • akuma no riddle opening by contrajac
  • Poison Me Fan Cover by Akuma no Riddle ED 6
  • Trifling Sympathy (Akuma no Riddle Ending 5: Haruki Sagae) *DRAFT* by CherryChu
  • Survival Vocal Fan Cover by Akuma no Riddle ED 11
  • Concentration English Cover by CherryChu
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