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The wind rises

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in the middle of watching this rn ah and omg apparently this was his last film and im going to cry if it is

  • 恋するフォーチュンクッキー by AKB48
  • Naoko (Yearning) by "The Wind Rises" Original Soundtrack
  • The Wind Rises feat. Blue Rose Orchestra by L-VOKAL
  • Rise of the Wind by The End Springs
  • ひこうき雲 荒井 由実 The Wind Rises Theme Song by Shoshy~boo
  • movie sample by The Wind Rises
  • The Wind Rises Score Mark Steitz Mitch Rincon by Steitzy
  • The Wind Rises. by COLD WAR
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I loved the movie! But don't worry about studio Ghibli's movies yet, i heard that it costs them a lot to make and sell and do stuff for one movie so they're just going to "retire (leave but only until they're economic problems are resolved but I'm sure they will keep making these amazing movies like they always have!:3

I really loved the movie. All of his movies really touch me and have this kinda magic. I learned a lot from it and i love the french/english quote: "The wind is rising, we must attempt to live."

What did you think of the film? I loved it. It might be my favorite Miyazaki film. I cried several times. It's such a beautiful film.