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and dance away from any void and empty tones

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Fantastic mix for my two favorite NPCs : D Love these two so much, such a pity they never met. Imagine if they had, what a terrifying power couple.

@aunt_zelda listen i am not giving up hope that matt will use the trip to the nine hells to bring back one or both of his favourite morally unfortunate witchbaby dealmakers like. (me? in denial? shhh.)

@kimaracretak Oh gods I hope so. Personally I'm hoping that when Anna died her soul went to Orthax's realm, so when they go deal with Orthax she's there. Or an echo of her. Or she's wearing Orthax's skin and she's taken his place.

@aunt_zelda ohhh gosh yes, i have been thinking a lot lately about how when percy and ripley died at the same time orthax went for percy's soul despite there still being names on ripley's list and like ... ripley the scientist now formless in smoke the she cannot pull apart to see how it works, raishan with black veins she cannot tear from her body, the two of them meeting and being bound by a pull neither of them can quite make explicit and how that would /infuriate/ them both (you're giving me Ideas, is the point, even though my original plan for this mix was the base of an au where ripley's deal was with raishan and never orthax)