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Just Another Sapphic Playlist


I narrowed down these 19 sapphic songs from 100 I had a while back, and have listened to them since. I paid attention to the order and somewhat organized it so there should be some good mixing, idk lol. The first few songs are definitely my favorite, especially The Moon Song. Warning: this playlist may be too warm for your heart. Side Effects: Sappiness, Daydreaming, Realizing how single you are (or how much you love your gf), Crying (yes, I do sometimes), Butterflies materializing in your stomach. idk it's just pretty damn gay, enjoy :-)
Disclaimer: a sapphic trans girl created this playlist so no, this playlist is not for terfs/transphobes

19 tracks
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@billowy sorry, i accidentally marked your comment as spam. i updated name of the song with the cover artist (shannon saunders). on youtube you can't find a video of this song by her, only by someone else's upload (that is here:

hey, would you mind telling where you found the cover of "cupid's chokehold" you used on this playlist? thanks!!