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Let's say you're in a party and you feel like listening to kpop, but the horror, nobody likes "chinese" music in parties. So what do you do?

Luckily for you, this mix comes to help. 15 tracks filled with glorious dubstep/house/whatever remixes of korean songs so you can fool your friends to listen kpop without them even noticing what they're hearing because 1) They might be too drunk to do it or 2) they're simple partying top hard to notice

or maybe you just want to chill

  • MR.TAXI [Steve Aoki remix] by eunyce
  • I got a boy (areia remix) [#108] by Girls' Generation
  • Midnight Circus (areia remix) by 【068】Sunny Hill
  • Electric Shock (areia electrostep remix) [#91] by f(x)
  • Everybody (Xulikken Remix) by SHINee
  • g by g
  • High High (areia remix) [#61] by GD & TOP
  • Red '빨개요' (Ferry Remix)FREE DOWNLOAD by HyunA
  • Troublemaker (areia house remix) [#94] by Troublemaker
  • Like Money (areia remix) [#106] by Wondergirls
  • 티아라 T by Ara
  • Coup d'etat (Areia Remix #131) by G-Dragon
  • Pika Burnjuck (Areia Remix #135) by GPBASIC
  • Do you love me (Ferry Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by 2NE1
  • SISTAR() by Sistar()
15 tracks
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