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an explosion of wonderful things


An instrumental mix for the studious folk. Brain jammed, thoughts astray, torn apart by boredom and anxieties and deadlines--let this explosion of wonderful music from various films be your remedy.

And also I sneaked in some songs I used for some of my old mixes from AGES ago...mostly because I miss them a lot and am now remembering them with fondness. :D

More mixes I made for studying:

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This playlist is exactly what i need during my study session!! Have been searching for this kind for ages!! A big thank youu! :D

Listening to this as I do my lesson plans during my planning periods. Really helps, plus my cooperating teacher likes it!!!

This playlist is wonderful. I've listened to a number of soundtrack-instrumental playlists, but this one has music that is *both* beautiful and invigorating. Thank you for putting this together!