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Brass City

5 comments on Brass City

Thriving off this mix! Making late night studying so much more enjoyable, fighting my way through never ending chapters.

Ahhh the sweet arrangements of ENSMB are a sure way to win favor. We had been missing Toshiyuki Honda's Metropolis themes and never thought to include them in such a collection. They make an admirable fit!

Caterpillar was one of the first compositions that enticed us into a torrid love affair with everything that Beats Antique has ever touched!

Your fine musical taste surely continues to impress and delight!

A remarkable mix as usual! I actually feel like I'm in "Brass City" when I listen to this! Keep up the amazing mixes (If that makes sense...) :D

Always look forward to your new mixes!! Amazing as always! You should make a instrumental Hannibal mix! idk if your into the show, but ya xD